Floral First Birthday Party

I can’t believe that I have a one-year-old!

I wanted to celebrate my beautiful, precious girl with a floral first birthday party.

Picture of a baby with a birthday cake on a highchair with a mom in a maroon dress crouching down next to the chair


We had such an amazing time with great food and an incredible environment filled with tons of flowers.

It was also an event that tried to support as many local businesses as possible!

Pink walls with a white mantle. There is a painting with two tall vases of flowers on top of the mantle. A white shirt with gold letters spelling "one" and a crown is also on the mantle. There is a white banner with multicolored polka dots across the mantle with a fluffy ball hanging from it. There is a bundle of pink balloons in the shape of a star and circle and a giant 1 balloon in gold.

My gift to Adalind was a painting that was done by Lexington Lettering.

It’s such a meaningful piece of art that I’m so excited to have in the house.

It was the perfect centerpiece in her floral first birthday party!

Picture of a decor area against a pink wall. There is a blue letter A and a golden carriage with flowers on top of a floral hat box. There is a vase of mixed flowers next to the box.

The flowers came from Bellaire Blooms.

I loved having local blooms to decorate with. They made the house smell amazing and were beautiful!

Picture of 3 decorated cookies. One cookie is made out of a dark red rose and a pink rose. Another is in the shape of a 1 with pink, red and white flowers going up the length of the cookie with a green vine. The third has small roses in the left corner and has "Adalind" written in yellow icing.

The Cookie Social made these adorably decorated cookies!

Picture of a flower cookie cups with green, yellow and brown fillings.

My Aunt made several of the sweets for the party. These flower cookie cups were made out of sugar cookies and filled with pistachio pudding, chocolate pudding, and lemon filling.

We had a ton of pudding left over that we had in bowls in case anyone wanted extra pudding.

My 3-year-old niece didn’t get the memo. So she kept licking the pudding out of the cookies and then threw them away. *shrugs* At least she was enjoying herself!

Picture of cake pops on a plate. They are yellow, blue, and purple cake pops

In addition to the cookie cups, she also made these cake pops.

They were funfetti flavored, and pretty much tasted like cookie dough. YUM!!!

Adalind’s GREAT GREAT Grandmother’s plates and teapots were used on the table.

It was such a special touch for the day that I loved getting to see.

Picture of floral themed cupcakes. There are pink roses, white and purple hydrangeas and some other small purple flowers piped onto the cupcakes.

A floral first birthday wouldn’t be complete without some floral cupcakes!

There wasn’t a cake (aside from the smash cake) so we had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes from Kroger.

Picture of a small cake with a flower on top Picture of a small cake with a porcelain plate with roses holding a lit gold candle reading "happy birthday"

Adalind’s smash cake was a funfetti cake with minimal icing.

Before it was time to blow out the candle, the cake was topped with a cute flower.

Her Aunt bought her a little plate that holds a candle that has roses on it that was swapped out when we started singing. PERFECT!

Picture of a dessert table with flowers and flower shaped dessertspicture of flower box that has plates and silverware in it next two two mason jars of flowers

Favors were little rose shaped soaps in flower boxes. Such a fun touch!

vase of flowers next to flower favor boxesStreamers and paper pom poms made a perfect photo booth area!

Everyone was able to take pictures and it was the perfect backdrop for when Adalind dug into her smash cake!

Streamers, Paper Pom Poms with a high chair with a flower garland on it

Adalind in her highchair with streamers and paper pom poms on the wall

We had so much fun at her floral first birthday party!

The kids drew with chalk, played with bubbles and helped her set up several of her new toys.


Everything turned out more perfect than I could have planned for!

I hope this is helpful if you want to plan your own floral first birthday party!

A girl with a flower crown clapping and the words "Advice for new parents" with Lucky Kentucky Mom logo

Advice for New Parents

A girl with a flower crown clapping and the words "Advice for new parents" with Lucky Kentucky Mom logo

As a new parent, whether you’re researching what’s best for your bundle of joy or someone trying to be nice just tells you, you’re going to get a lot of data, opinions, and advice for new parents.

Most of the time the next person or article contradicts the first.

It’s cool to listen to people’s advice. Seriously, do it. Hear them out.

This is going to get you a lot of information that will help you decide what’s going to be best for YOUR KID.

While your mind is open, here’s my advice for new parents.

picture of mom sitting in a chair in a field in front of a fence nursing her baby

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Picture of 6 stacks of 6 LilHelper Cloth Diapers with the Caption "Traveling with Cloth Diapers"
How to, Parenting

Traveling with Cloth Diapers

Picture of 6 stacks of 6 LilHelper Cloth Diapers with the Caption "Traveling with Cloth Diapers"

Part of me thought that I was being a little “extra” because I wanted to cloth diaper on a trip to the beach even though I love cloth diapering.

I haven’t used a disposable diaper since Adalind was 5 weeks old. I wouldn’t know where to begin buying her a pack of disposables, because I haven’t wanted or needed to. Plus, cloth diapers can be used as swim diapers. So traveling with cloth diapers to the beach meant that I didn’t have to buy disposables for land or water!

I’m an ambassador for LilHelper cloth diapers and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to push through the intimidation of traveling with cloth diapers as well live out one of the things that I’m so passionate about.

It wasn’t as bad as I worked myself up to believe, but I did learn a lot and wanted to share some of that knowledge around traveling with cloth diapers.

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Words "Lessons I learned from my" in black and "Failed Marriage" in pink
Relationships, Uncategorized

Lessons I Learned From My Failed Marriage

Words "Lessons I learned from my" in black and "Failed Marriage" in pink

When you’re at the altar saying “I Do,” you don’t plan for a failed marriage.

You make promises to each other in front of your closest family and friends.

Those promises mostly revolve around the idea that you’re going to be together forever.

But, unfortunately, promises are often broken and things fall apart.

I’m not giving a reflection on me as a person or as a wife.

However, when I look back on my marriage there are quite a few lessons that I’ve learned and think would be helpful to share.

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Why I love and use Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

If you’ve read the other posts in the cloth diaper series, then you’ve had a chance to think through whether or not you’re interested in cloth diapering. Choosing which cloth diaper you want to do can be overwhelming. Lots of families like to get a variety of diapers and then try them all out before committing to one particular type. I started to do this until I found Lil Helper. I fell in love almost immediately. There are 3 main reasons that we love using Lil Helper diapers—

Diaper System and Quality

Customer and Community Service

Customer Engagement

Each of these are great stand alone reasons for us to choose to support Lil Helper and use their diapers. But all of these reasons together have helped me to become very passionate about cloth diapering and them as a company.

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Cloth Diapering Terms, Acronyms, and Accessories

Cloth diapers do require a little bit of “extra” so to speak. It comes with it’s own lingo that you’ll need to know in order to navigate the cloth diapering world, and it also comes with it’s own “accessories.” This post is going to share with you the important things that you need to know as far as cloth diapering extras are concerned.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here.

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Cleaning Cloth Diapers

This post contains affiliate links.

If you’ve made it here, I would imagine that you’ve figured out that you might want to cloth diaper (especially after reading why we chose cloth diapers here) and have started to explore the different types of cloth diapers.  But this post is about the reason that most people have zero desire to cloth diaper. People don’t want to change a dirty diaper, much less save it for later and clean it. This was the single most stressful part of cloth diapering to learn about for me. There was a lot of information to absorb and I felt like it all came at me like a semi truck going full speed. I needed pictures, explanations and opinions to go along with these FACTS of cleaning cloth diapers. So—here’s what I can share with you…

But, before we go any further, I need to introduce you to Fluff Love University.  If you’ve got ANY questions about cleaning your diapers, this is where you need to go. Holy Smokes—They are incredible! They’ve got the science and collective experience about why things need to be a certain way. They’ll help you troubleshoot on the Facebook Group, they’ve got indexes to help you choose your detergent, how you need to use your specific washer, and lists of creams that are safe to use on a cloth diaper. If I have questions about cleaning cloth diapers, this is the first place I go!

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